Game Survey

This is a Survey for Fang and Blade:Werewolf the Forsaken game to get a feel for the type of game my players would like to play. There is a number of themes for the game and you each get a number of points, you are to distribute those point into each category as you see fit giving as many points you want in those categories you would most like to see or giving none to those you are not interested in.

Below are 10 categories in which you have 50 points to put in them as you see fit (Note number 10 is ‘other’ and if you put points in it please tell me what this stands for) Example Survey

Group Tally

1. Drama/Romance
2. Mystery/Investigation
3. Intrigue/Political
4. Combat
5. Strategy/Leadership
6. Action/Swashbuckling
7. Comedy
8. Supernatural/Otherworldly
9. Historically Accurate/Realism
10.Other (Please Specify)

Game Survey

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