Character Questionnaire

The following are questions to help determine aspects about your character, their background and personality. Note that here is two questions left blank at this point, they will be filled in later to help round-our or expand on the answer to the previous eight questions.

1. How would others describe your charter? Describe how old do you look what is your normal appearance, then move on how others may perceive you and your general manner and barring.

2. What are your characters motivations? For some characters your motivation may be as simple as coin, upholding your families honor, obligation, love or hate. This motivations can be more specific like take revenge on one individual samurai who harmed your family.

3. What is your character’s social standing in the Edo period society? Is your character a samurai or are they of the other lesser classes made up of peasant farmers, craftsmen, and merchants or are they outside of the class system and fall into the class of ‘eta’ or hinin “non-human”class. {Note, there will be mechanical rule provided for the social class system during character creation.}

4. What dose your character think of Edo period Japan society? Is your character happy with the class system that has be more strongly enforced in the past five years or do they wish to see the whole system torn down for it’s faults. Ieyasu’s reforms have changed much making the difference in class that more apparent but these reforms have also brought prosperity to the merchant class and economic growth to the urban areas of Japan, but are they truly waht’s best for you and those people closest to you.

5. Who makes up your character’s family? Who are the members of your family, are your parents still around, do you have siblings, is your character married do they have children or is your family made up of none bloodlines but a close net group of friends.

6. What are your characters most favorite and lest favorite things? When answering this question decide if your characters like or dislike are rational or irrational. How do your likes and dislikes color your characters life, to they collect puppets because they have fallen in love with the puppet shows given in the Pleasure District or do they go out of their way to be rude to geisha because they have a dislike for anyone who hides their face behind make-up.

7. How religious is your character? What religion dose your character hold to, do they pray daily or do they not see any use in faith. Do they hold to the old ways of Shinto or have they came to hold faith with the more popular religions of Buddhism and Confucianism or have they succumbed to the newest faith of the foreign religion of Christianity.

8. If you could, what advice would you give to your character? This questions is not intended to find faults in your character and fix them instead it recognizes this aspects of your character and allows you to better role-play your character.



Character Questionnaire

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