Koga Hazuki


Common Knowledge

• Koga Hazuki is the only heir to the long standing but faltering Koga family who during it height was one of the backers of Oda Nobunaga who united most of Japan and would later back Toyotomi Hideyoshi who later ruled over all the lands before Tokugawa Ieyasu.

• Hazuki is the daughter of an ancient and proud family but this has only made her lonely as she had been kept isolated for fear of others seeking power using her against her family, or at least this is the reasoning her family gives for her isolation to all outsiders.

• Many suitors have asked Hazuki’s family for her hand in marriage but her father has yet to announce any betrothal even though she now reaches her 17th year, the year that all members become adults and take their ‘embrace’ as a true member of the family.


Koga Hazuki

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