Hida Ryozo


Common Knowledge

• Hida Ryozo is the third for the Shiotsume samurai family and if anyone who serves the Shiotsume family can be called learned it is Ryozo who services as an adviser for the current head of the family Shiotsume Chiyako as he did for the previous head before her.

• Ryozo is a well respected man among the people of the highlands of Spirit Wolf Mt. as a teacher who has seen to the education of many of the Shiotsume family and more and was even the teacher for the current head of the family Chiyako.

• Despite his standing as a samurai and in his own family Ryozo has never sought out a bride to start a family even when encouraged to do so by the head of them family and many wonder just what this is.


Hida Ryozo

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